Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hello, beautiful people!

Well, we made it: Year One of Jujuu. Can you believe it?! It's been a wild ride indeed, but one we're so grateful to be on. 

At first we were all like, "gosh, has that much really happened this year?" and then were all like, "jk jk jk lol," because holy cow how did all that happen in one year?

This year had a lot of firsts, not just for Jujuu but for us as people:

  • We started our first business. NOT as easy as we thought, but after filing some legal stuff,  creating a website, designing a logo, and dreaming about what it could be, "The Jujuu Project" was born.
  • We made some cool cards and gift baskets. Gift-giving is fun; doing it while getting paid is pretty legit. We designed lots of greeting cards and gift baskets promoting the social causes of companies and individuals right here in Tulsa...and people loved them! These products can still be purchased through Ida Red or by ordering directly with us. This also gave us the opportunity to donate much needed funds to The Foundation for Tulsa Schools and to support public education in our state.
  • We inspired 4,000+ Tulsa kids to dream big. The fleeting thought of a day at the movies turned into thousands of local kids getting to see Hidden Figures and four students winning prizes for impressive essays on hidden figures right here in Oklahoma. We gave out a science museum membership, a trip to NASA Space Camp, and two college scholarships. There was a lot of ugly crying, y'all.
  • We brought in the experts. 'Cause let's be real - we'd never started a business and wanted to nail it. We were accepted to BetaBlox, a business incubator/accelerator which made us ask some hard questions about vision and sustainability. Nine months later, we birthed a new concept for The Jujuu Project: a subscription box service of "goods that do good."
  • We brought in the talent. It just so happens that getting a company off the ground is a lot of hard work! But one thing we are ever so grateful for is people right here in the Tulsa community passionate about its success and helping others. Our friends at Gitwit developed a kick a*s brand strategy around our newly-refined name: Jujuu. The Mine Tulsa invested five brilliant young social innovation fellows in our cause, who now are providing us much-needed data to make our concept a success. And excitingly, Kiva Tulsa provided us access to a zero-interest loan (which fully funded today!), which will put Jujuu on a national scale.

Year One was one for the books, and there's no slowing down. It's pretty fitting our anniversary falls during Thanksgiving: a time to stop, reflect, and show thanks for all that was, is, and will be. Please know we are grateful for each of you, your conviction for a better world, and your belief we can help get us there. We won't let you down!