Thursday, June 21, 2018

Well y'all, it's official. People like us and it's not just our moms. Super rad, huh!? We're certainly excited!  

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If you haven't already, go on with your bad self and like us on Facebook and Instagram, too. We're always putting up feel good stories, and just giving the peoplewhat they pictures of Cutie Ginger Jew. What is it about that angelic face has you pressing that like/love button? Who knows. But that dood signed up for "death do us part" so he's now The Jujuu Project mascot. Ask for an autograph if you see him around...he'll looove it!       Anywho, a lot's happened since our last email/blog post in May, so let's get you up to speed, shall we?


First, ICYMI, The Jujuu Project has evolved into a monthly subscription box service, focusing on locally-sourced goods that "do good." Each box is carefully curated to tell a story of a social issue facing our community - and importantly, how the goods within the box support the solution. Want to better understand how public education is in trouble? Want to make small shifts in your purchases to live lightly? Want to make a difference? We got you.

In the next couple of weeks, you'll start to see a big push on social media and 

elsewhere encouraging others to support the mission - whether as a consumer or maker - in hopes we can impact meaningful and lasting change right here in Tulsa (first Tulsa, then the world!!!). We will also be introducing our inaugural "Jujuu Box," for which we will do a preorder, learn how we can make it even better, and then fully launch our monthly subscription service.

Have a non-profit or social enterprise you'd like to promote? Make cool stuff that you want to sell for a cause? Think there are ways we can be even better? Want to get in on that pre-order Jujuu Box (the answer is yes, BTW)? Holler at your girl...we are in this together to make a difference for all! We are figuring out a way for you to refer your friends and get free Jujuu stuff, so stay tuned for that! 

In Russ we trust #mvp - both in #basketball and #life


Next, Ida Red will soon start carrying our Oklahoma-themed greeting cards! Stop on by and get one or ten cards (and a hand-spun milkshake for good measure), knowing you're supporting the education of Oklahoma's public school children; a portion of all proceeds benefit the Foundation for Tulsa Schools! You'll soon be able to get them on our website, too; it's being updated as we speak!

Finally, I'm excited to announce I applied for Tulsa Start Up Series - a grant which would help fund Jujuu Box's launch. If you're lucky, I'll show you my video "audition" bloopers..buuuuuut on the 24th time I got it right and got named one of the finalists! Cross your fingers and wear your good luck undies, because we go before a live audience and 5 judges July 19 to find out if we win! We'll keep you posted :)

Finally, thank you. Like, seriously. While it's just me (and Cutie Ginger Jew's face) behind the scenes, I always say "we," because we're all in this together. My hope is that Jujuu Box invites subscribers to really grasp the issues facing our community while already serving as part of the solution with the goods they purchase. Perhaps this will mean small-but-incredible makers turn into robust social enterprises. Perhaps this means more non-profits will try their hand at making goods supporting their missions. Perhaps this means we are able to bring sufficient attention and funds to a cause to make it a "non-issue." In any situation, WE do this together, and I am eternally grateful for your help. We're gonna do big things, y'all!