Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy 2018! You gotta love new years - that change of calendar comes with big hopes for being better versions of ourselves and living with more passion.

But new years also has the ability to make us feel uuuber guilty once our lofty goals don't stick (I'm looking at you, french fries). So what gives?! Do we just avoid these resolutions altogether? 

No! It's our resolution at Jujuu to now and forever live with more intention and empower others (you!) to do so, tooAnd the trick really is super simple: small pivots, not perfect.

Look, for most of us, we've got various areas to improve: we need to buy less and declutter. We should eat more locally grown, sustainable sourced foods. We are frantically searching for more time to do it all. But it's overwhelming to think of changing those all at the same time, and even after the contemplation happens, it's unlikely it will all stick long-term.

So we know you're over there thinking, "how the heck are you gonna help me when you're even worse at this than me?!" Well, here's the cool thing: we've put our "pivots, not perfect" theory to the test and have seen some really great success!

We pick ONE space/thing to review at a time, however small it may be, and see if it's an opportunity for intentionality. For example, we ran out of laundry detergent last week. After a self-five for recycling, we wondered, "is this something we could do better? A quick Google search of alternatives led us to this really great USA Today article on the best ecofriendly (but still effective) detergents. These super smart people tested detergents at length and put together a list. We picked what worked best for us (hint: it's Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

) and put it on our list to order on Amazon Prime. Could we have made our own detergent? Maybe. Could we have gotten it from the corner store? Definitely. But again, small pivots, not perfect.

We've used this practice on several things already, projects big and small:

  • Cleaning out the (dreaded) pantry
  • Eating more healthy
  • Decluttering without adding waste

Interested in learning how those went? We 'll be updating our blog with videos and pictures of before/afters and tricks we've learned. Have an idea for a pivot you want us to try out? Give us a shout! In the meantime, we're busy bees putting together kits to help you address some of the biggest roadblocks to living with intention, so stay tuned...we can't wait to share! Until then, pivot away!